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Carolands Historic Chateau

Carolands History Chateau

Hillsborough, CA

Oh my stars. This place is majestic to say the least. If you are a Downton Abbey lover, you need to visit this beautiful chateau. This beauty is nestled in the town of Hillsborough – you’d never know it was there. As you approach the gates, which are lined with tall shrubbery and trees, you turn to enter the gates and your breath will be taken away as your eyes feast on all the gorgeousness in front of you. I’m not kidding. My heart skipped a beat. Touring the mansion is free! You need to get on the tour list early (or now, because it could be months before you get your name on the list, and they do have monthly lottery drawings).  I would love to visit at Christmas time – they go all out on the holiday decor, and they have a holiday charity event (which I would LOVE to attend, but it really is not in my budget to do so – one day, one day!). Photography is not allowed inside, however, once outside the doors – it’s free reign, so I took as many as I could. 😉 I would dig deep into my photographic memory to tell you all about the inside, but really, you need to go and experience it for yourself. It’s been restored with authentic, historical details that make my heart swoon; milk glass ceilings (oh my!), the hardwood staircase in the library, gold embellishments, the ballroom (this is not your standard hotel ballroom I must say), and the gardens – which you will see for yourself below.

Jana Melinda _ Caroland's FoundationJana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0002Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0003Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0004Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0005Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0006Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0007Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0008Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0009Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0010Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0011Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0012Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0013Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0014Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0015Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0016Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0017Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0018Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0019Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0020Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0021Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0022Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0023Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0024Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0025Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0026Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0027Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0028

Can I just say that when we turned the corner of the garden walkway, and I saw THIS, I wanted to cry at it’s beauty. *sigh* I was born in the wrong era. I mean, really – it’s BREATHTAKING! I’m certain angels began singing – at least in my head they did. Oh! You hear them too? I knew it!

Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0029Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0030Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0031Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0032Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0033Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0034

Farewell Carolands…until next year, because I will be back – maybe for Christmas. <3

Jana Melinda _ Caroland's Historic Chateau_0035

To view more of this majestic chateau, located right here in Northern California, check out their website here: Carolands Foundation

After my daughter and I visited the chateau, we took a mini adventure in Half Moon Bay – see my blog post here: Staycation in Half Moon Bay

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Simple Pleasures – Half Moon Bay Staycation

Simple Pleasures – Half Moon Bay Staycation

My parents are here visiting from Arizona, and decided to book us some rooms at the Maverick’s Inn in Half Moon Bay. This little place only has six rooms, and is a complete GEM of a find! They are pet friendly too (there was a sweet black lab downstairs – I only heard him bark once as he was outside, and I’m sure he was probably excited about the pelicans flying overhead!) The Inn is like a home away from home – super cozy (the bed was so great I did not want to get up), gas fireplace, flat screen tv, snack bar complete with cookies, trail-mix, popcorn (yes there’s a microwave), a personal Keurig coffee maker with coffee pods and hot cocoa, ice machine downstairs, mini-fridge with some water, and the bathroom was completely stocked with fresh white towels, soaps, shampoos, etc. I didn’t really photograph the inside, as it was a bit dark and I was excited to get out and explore a bit! Take my word for it though – it’s inviting, comfortable, quiet – ok, mostly quiet. There is a foghorn that  ‘toots’ every 10 seconds or so, but it’s not bad. They provided earplugs for light sleepers, and I did not use them and slept all night without waking up! Also, there is a little bedside journal for you to write about your stay – it was really fun reading all the journal entries from other guests – from as far as Australia and even my hometown of Vacaville!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0002

My room was upstairs – the view was lovely – lots of sailboats, pelicans flying above, seagulls, and guess what – no fog!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0001Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0003

My mom and dad – aren’t they cute?

Thanks mom and dad for the little getaway. I love you!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0004

I adore this little red sailboat and the dock in the background I may have to print this one out.

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0005Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0006Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0007

Coffee on the deck in the morning with my sweet girl. She loved it!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0008Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0009Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0010Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0012

Lots of pelicans and seagulls – they are fun to watch as they dive into the water.

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0013Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0014Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0015Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0019Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0020Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0021

Montara Beach – Half Moon Bay, CA

We ventured down the highway to find a beach – this one looked beautiful so I parked in this little parking lot at a restaurant (as I didn’t see any place to park). There was a stairway that led down to the beach, just behind the restaurant – perfect!

No fog (just a bit of hazy skies), and it was about 65 degrees. Down on the beach it felt much warmer, with a slight breeze. Lots of surfers enjoying the waves, muscles decorated the shoreline, and the kids enjoyed the salty air!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0022Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0023Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0024Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0025Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0027Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0028Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0029Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0030Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0031Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0032

Don’t forget your dance moves on the beach my friends!

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0033Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0034

I couldn’t help myself – I had to include this surfer (for my daughter) *wink wink*

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0035Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0036Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0037

Oh hey, that’s me.

Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0038Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0039Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0040Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0041Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0042Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0043Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0044Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0045Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0046Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0047Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0048Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0049Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0050Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0051Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0052Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0053Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0054Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0055Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0056Jana Melinda _ Half Moon Bay_0057

Until next time – with love…

xo Jana


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Beauty: Personal Project

Model: Kyra

Floral Headpiece: Jana Melinda

Hair & Makeup: Jana Melinda

Prom Couture Personal Project

Jana Melinda _ Senior Prom_0001

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