Hailey | Beauty Revived 50 Most Beautiful Seniors

Beauty Revived 50 Most Beautiful Seniors

Will C. Wood High School

Class of 2017

Vacaville, CA

Meet Hailey – She is Beauty Revived

What makes Hailey beautiful: Leadership & uplifting others

I take part in many leadership programs the first of these being Interact club, which is a branch of Rotary specific to high school students. Every year we put on a youth summit and we invite kids from all of the high schools in town to come and we have guest speakers that give lectures on loving yourself and helping you and the people around you. While I am very proud to be the secretary of interact club, there is one other club that I hold very dear to my heart, which is link crew.

Link crew is a mixture of campus and community outreach, student council, and just overall making people feel welcome and excited to come to school each day, we put on dances for both students in our school and our feeder elementary schools, we host rallies and put on an annual kindness week where we promote love, respect, and a general tendency to give back to everyone around you.

Every year at Will C Wood we throw a kindness week. Each day of the week is dedicated to something like generosity, Friendship, or teamwork. We have activities and kindness videos about each day and put on an assembly at the end of the week where we grant wishes for most of the kids at my school. I am in charge of overseeing all events for the week and appointing people to certain jobs and I love seeing everyone smiling when they get to grant their wishes and everybody else’s.

Favorite wish granted: 

We granted a wish for a girl who wanted to honor people who have passed away from cancer because her sister did the previous year and now every year we make a tarp and put plates with the names of cancer victims that students at our school know or knew. And we unveil it every year at the breast cancer awareness football game.

For the past two years I’ve been in charge of a school wide clothing drive for the less fortunate. We always collect warm winter clothing from classes on campus and we make it a competition so more people donate we then take all of the clothes down to the local homeless shelter and give them to them along with canned foods that our school does at the same time.

Extracurricular Activities:

I’m also the fourth year starting varsity catcher for my high school softball team. I was also the captain of my softball team three years, before I got a job as a hostess at a local restaurant called Merchant and Main. My job has been an amazing experience for me, it really humbled me and I have a respect for people who work in customer service! Haha!

Future Plans:

I plan on attending Sacramento State University to get my teaching credential in history, and teach US History to high school students.

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