Surprise Napa Proposal

A surprise proposal in Napa has been on my bucket list for a long time now. I could not have been more thrilled to have a part in such a special day such as this. When I first heard from Aleq, he inquired through my Facebook Fan Page page asking about me photographing his proposal to Kaitlyn in the coming weeks. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate inquiry because his profile said he was from Tennessee! So, I did a little more research, asked a few more questions, and everything was set! When Aleq told me that he would be proposing at the Domaine Carneros in Napa I became so overwhelmed with excitement! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

My oldest daughter joined me for the trip to Napa. I didn’t want to go alone – I mean, who goes to a winery ALONE for champagne tasting? Oh, and not to mention, this was my very FIRST tasting – ever. We were seated on a table adjacent to where Aleq and Kaitlyn would be seated, but I soon realized that my view would be restricted by other guests. We saw another open table and quickly moved over, which allowed me to secretly watch them. I felt like such a paparazzi!!! There were several times where Kaitlyn looked right at us, but I knew she had no idea who I was. Later she told me that she was looking at what we had ordered because it looked really good (and it was!). As we sat and enjoyed our sparkling wine and charcuterie plate, our server kept us apprised as to when the sweet couple would be finished. At one point, Aleq texted me (how he did this without her knowing – I have no idea), but he let me know that he would not be proposing at the table because he was sure that Kaitlyn wouldn’t want so much attention on her since they were literally surrounded by people. he let me know that they would be taking a walk around the building where it would offer some privacy.

Surprise Napa Proposal - Domaine Carneros

As soon as they were finished and walked away, I noticed that they started down the main stairs  and not towards the other side of the building. So we got up from our table and slowly started to follow. They took a few pictures alone the stairs; of course when they stopped we had to stop, so we immediately took out our cell phones to look busy taking photos like everyone else. Aleq and Kaitlyn went a little further down the stairs and a couple offered to take their photo for them (my thought was ‘Oh no, he might think that is his photographer!’ hahaha! He then texted me (again – no idea how he did this without her knowing) asking where I was. I responded quickly letting him know I was right behind them and was watching.

Then, the moment finally came. Aleq dropped down to one knee and asked his sweetheart for her hand in marriage.

Surprise Napa Proposal - Domaine CarnerosNapa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-05When Kaitlyn realized I was there taking pictures she bursted out laughing! I would laugh too if some strange woman was suddenly taking my picture! Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-03Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-04
Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-06Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-07Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-08From there we walked around the winery and took a few photos before they were on their way! Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-09Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-10Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-11Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-12Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-13Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-14Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-15Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-16Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-17Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-18Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-24Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-19Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-20Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-22Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-23Napa Domain Carneros Proposal Engagement-21Aleq and Kaitlyn – we had so much fun stalking documenting such a special day for you. You are a beautiful couple, and I wish you all the best!!! Congratulations!

You can read about Aleq’s perspective of the day over on How He Asked !

Are you planning on secretly proposing to your girlfriend and want to have that special moment documented? Get in touch with me with the details of your day, and I would be happy to send you more information on how you can book me for your surprise proposal! I can’t wait to hear about it!

xo Jana

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